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Q CELLS was established in Germany in 1999 where they soon earned a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellence. They were one of the engineering leaders that gave the tag ‘Made in Germany’ such prestige within the solar industry. In 2012, South Korea’s Hanwha Group strategically acquired Q CELLS and proceeded to build on their outstanding pedigree.

Hanwha is a Fortune 500 company with annual revenue of around $40 billion, meaning your investment and warranties will be supported for the life of the system. With Hanwha’s manufacturing knowhow and quality, Q CELLS is the #1 panel supplier across Europe and the USA, and in the Top 3 of high-end manufacturers in Australia.

Now with the Q.HOME+ energy storage solution in Australia, Q CELLS is set to make an even bigger impact as our country continues its passion and drive towards renewable energy sources!


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Q CELLS’ world-renown and award-winning modules are designed for and tested in real Australian conditions. Q CELLS’ Q.ANTUM solar cell technology, found in all our Australian products, is the ultimate of its kind. This state-of-the-art technology captures previously unused sunlight, reflecting it back into the cell where it can be converted into solar energy. Perfected with over a decade of research and development. Supercharging cells to soak up more sun to achieve world record levels of efficiency.
Q CELLS' modules guarantee high performance across every class in winter, in summer, under clear or cloudy skies and extreme weather. Decade after decade.




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