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          Solaria PowerXT 365W

          About the Company

          Solaria Australia is the local subsidiary of Solaria Corporation, a USA-based solar technology company established in 2000. Their advanced solar panels and integrated systems are paving the way for distributed, clean power generation.

          With over 250 patents issued and pending, Solaria has developed unique designs and sophisticated automation to deliver perfect energy-saving solutions for the residential and commercial solar markets.

          “Solaria solar systems are designed to complement and enhance a home’s
          appearance – and boost its value.”

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          Product Information

          • Efficiency: 20.2% module efficiency puts the PowerXT 365W panel amongst the best performers in today’s market, which means more power in less space.
          • Performance: These panels are manufactured to last! Even after 25 years of Australia’s harsh weather conditions, the PowerXT panels are guaranteed to be operating at 86% of their original output.
          • Appearance: Beautiful all-black panel with no visible circuitry. Cells overlap in a ‘shingled’ design which means a greater silicon surface area and therefore more power output.
          • Warranty: Typical panels offer a 10 year workmanship warranty and the fine print usually indicates that there will be costs involved for the customer. With the PowerXT, you get a 25 year warranty for both performance and build quality, and that includes labour.

          Key Benefits

          • 100% black surface and frame
          • Monocrystalline silicon with 20.2% efficiency
          • Industry-leading shade performance (4 bypass diodes)
          • Anti-reflective glass for better light transmission
          • Heavy duty panel construction (21kg per panel)
          • Comprehensive 25 year warranty on performance, build quality and labour.
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