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Project Developments

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High-Efficiency Solar only

Small Home


• 4.5 – 6.6kW LG Solar system
• Energy Management


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High-Efficiency Charge Pack

Mid-Large Home


• 6.6-10kW LG Solar system
• 4.8kWh Battery
• Energy Management


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Premium Charge Pack

Large Home


• 8-10kW LG Solar system
• 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall battery
• Full energy control and blackout protection


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Luxury Charge Pack

XL Home


• 10-15kW LG Solar system
• 13-26kWh Tesla Powerwall batteries
• Full energy control and blackout protection


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Why LG Authorised Dealer Network?

It has taken LG Solar more than 5 years to recruit right across Australia the best companies that can install solar.

LG has had over 40 companies wanting to join the LG dealer network in the last 12 months and have only recruited 3 after thoroughly checking them. This ensures the level of service and expertise provided by LG Dealers are incredibly high quality and reliable.


Tesla is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in solar battery storage technologies. The Tesla Powerwalls are widely considered some of the best batteries on the market and boast large capacities and guaranteed durability.
The Powerwall is modular, meaning you can add multiple battery products to your setup, especially for individuals with higher energy demands. You can add up to 10 Powerwall batteries to form one large storage system. The inbuilt DC-AC inverter makes the installation process simpler and easier, reducing installation costs. It comes with state of the art components and backed by a solid 10-year warranty.
Smart Energy Answers is proud to have installed and commissioned some of the largest Tesla Powerwall installations in the world. As a Tesla Certified Installer, customers can have the peace of mind that our technicians are trained by Tesla Energy and adhere to strict quality requirements.

Marston Living Retirement Village

92.4kW Solar Power

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