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About REC

Founded in Norway in 1996, REC has since become the largest European owned supplier of solar modules with 20 million + REC solar panels shipped worldwide.

With over 2,000 employees and a manufacturing facility in Singapore, they produce approximately 1.4 GW of panels each year.

With its world-class product quality and high performing panels. They are a popular choice for many residential and commercial solar power systems in Australia for both residential and business needs.

rec solar panels
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Key Benefits of REC Solar Panels


High Efficiency

REC was the first company to release the innovative split module design with half-cut cells, rather than the standard full-size square cells which are now becoming an industry standard.

The half-cut cells enable the panels to operate separately so if one half is shaded, the performance of the other is not reduced. The traditional full-sized panels can suffer up to 40% power loss when a portion of the panel is shaded.

Solid Performance

REC is the first manufacturer to develop half-cut cells using high-performance N-Type silicon as opposed to the lower cost P-type mono or multi silicon wafers.

REC has also included PERT or ‘passivated emitter rear totally diffused’ cell technology which significantly improves cell efficiency so more light photons can be absorbed to generate more energy.


Extended Warranty

Solar panel product warranties are commonly 10 years, although some manufacturers offer significantly more.

The extension on REC’s product warranty signals product confidence which is not surprising due to its good reputation and low failure rates.

The panels will now come with a 20-year product warranty on top of the 25-year performance guarantee.

All products are also eligible for a warranty extension when installed by a certified REC Solar Professional installer.

About the N-Peak Panels

At the top of the range, the N-Peak panels are expected to come at a premium price.

However, the higher performance and efficiency of the panels together with the lower degradation over the life of the panel, make it worth the investment.

The N-Peak series uses high-grade N-type monocrystalline silicon cells to deliver up to 330W which overall improves the performance and reliability.

All solar panels loose capacity over time, however with the N-type silicon cells, they have a very low degradation.

This means after 25 years they are still warranted to remain 86% of the original rated output.

rec solar panels



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