Smart Energy Answers features on a band new lifestyle TV show aiming to crack open sustainable building options to a broader audience

Take a journey with SEA to get some inspiration on style, sustainability, and cost for your family

Explore the the design solutions with SEA such as blackout protection and safeguarding your power.

Smart Energy Answer will teach you about the important features of an energy efficient home

Featuring an all-star cast of former contestants from Channel Nine’s The Block
Providing more space, comfort and reduced energy bills.
Solutions encompassing style, sustainability, protection and cost
Learn the important features of an energy efficient home
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The brand new lifestyle TV show, aiming to crack open sustainable
building options to a broad audience.

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Smart Energy Answers had a great opportunity to film alongside the amazing duo Deb and Andy. With the help of design experts such as Deb and Andy, from the block, families have the amazing opportunity to turn their regular homes into smart homes through either renovating or rebuilding! 

At Smart Energy Answers, we believe everyone deserves to live in a healthy, comfortable, efficient and affordable home, so this has been an exciting opportunity for us to be feature in show that specifically focuses on sustainable living options powered by renewable energy!

As a partner of Renovate or Rebuild and Channel 9, we believe, together, Australia is ready to discover how to manage a sustainable household that enables long term savings and benefits for the environment.

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Smart Energy Answers has also taken our view on renewable energy one step further! Inspired by the show, SEA is teaming up with manufacturers LONGI & FIMER to donate a free solar panel + battery installation for a demountable home in the Blue Mountains. 

The installation is for a family that tragically lost their home in the 2019/2020 bushfires. 

Renewable solutions is one of the best investments around. Not only does it provide blackout protection, it is also one of the most efficient ways to improve the look and value of your home. Using solar and batteries as a home enhancement will ensure you make the most of your rooftop real estate. Contact our Smart Energy Answers team while the amazing deals renewable systems last!


Heard about our Renovate or Rebuild Promotion?

You can now claim your Energy Independence! 

For a limited time, only for systems installed for the duration of the show, we are offering:

1) SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid 10 - $12,870 fully installed 
Award-Winning German Solar Battery Technology, as seen in the show - including blackout protection -  Ideal for internal installations.

2) Tesla Powerwall 2 -  $13,870 fully installed 
Including black-out protection and suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.


Renovate or Rebuild, the band new lifestyle TV show, aims to crack open sustainable building options to a broad audience. It combines reality-TV with behavioural science by encouraging Australian homeowners to choose healthier and more energy efficient homes.

The 60-minute lifestyle show features an all-star cast of former contestants from Channel Nine’s The Block, and sees two teams compete to convince a family that they have the best solution to providing more space, comfort and reduced energy bills.


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Renovate or Rebuild has been described by the Australian Institute of Architects as a 45-60 minute residential renovation lifestyle tv series. The production is brought to you by Channel 9. The series involves the development or the repurposing of existing Australian homes. Essentially, there are two teams. Team renovate, and team rebuild.

Multiple homes have been selected across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. The two teams must present their vision for the potential new home, considering energy efficiency, design, and budget.

The Queensland, Victorian and New South Wales teams will consist of all past Block Contestants, such as the amazing duo, Deb & Andy. Once the teams have created their proposals, they must battle for the YES of the homeowner.

The homeowner’s decision may be influenced by the host and well-known interior designer James Treble. James will be casting his vote depending on what he suggests would be best suitable for the homeowner. James makes this decision by considering the families (homeowners) space and desires, with sustainability at the top of his mind.

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