Smart EV Charging

          The electronic vehicle (EV) revolution is well underway globally and has absolutely taken hold in Australia.

          Now is the time to plan ahead and future-proof your home with a Solar Integrated EV Charging Solution from Smart Energy Answers.

          One of our experienced consultants can advise you on the right solution so you can charge your car for FREE from the Sun!

          Smart Pool Heating Solutions

          Smart Electric Pool heating is the quickest and most cost-effective way to heat your pool,
          when combined with a Solar PV system.

          At Smart Energy Answers we specialize in solar + pool heating bundles to give you the opportunity to heat your pool for FREE!

          Save up to $1,000 upfront with our Smart Bundles!


          Heat pumps

          Switching to solar heat pump can save you a considerable amount of money as conventional electric hot water systems use more power than most other household appliances. On average hot water can account for between 25-40% of the total energy used in a home. So, reducing your hot water generation costs will have a significant impact on your overall electricity bill.