Own a Smart Energy Answers energy solution with low cost, gimmick-free solar finance


Getting solar finance can help you get solar power quicker, in order to lower your utility bills and help the environment with energy efficient products.

Own a Smart Energy Answers system for less than $2.96 per day

Every home and business in Australia has a power bill               and pays an electricity retailer.

There is no escape from it, and it’s basically a quarterly
or monthly commitment such as a finance or mortgage repayment. 

Having a solar energy system enables a home or business to bypass energy companies when the sun is shining
(and even when it’s not with batteries). With electricity rates across Australia rising steadily,
it’s a no brainer starting to generate your own power if you are lucky enough to have usable roof space. 


Why get solar finance?

Over the last few years, prices for installing solar in Australia have become extremely competitive with STCs which are still available and cover some of the total investment cost.

Even so, not everyone has the resources to pay the up-front cost of a system, and these people are forced to keep paying their escalating electricity bills. 


Own a Smart Energy Answers system for less than $2.96 per day

At Smart Energy Answers we want to make free solar energy accessible to anyone and we have partnered with Rate Setter to install a solar energy system with or without battery at a very little upfront cost ( $0 upfront cost for eligible customers) with green finance – at low-interest rates. 

In most cases, customers can be positive cash flow from day 1 with the system repayments, which means they can pay off the system using the solar savings on their electricity bill. 

Smart Energy Answers and RateSetter have teamed up to offer gimmick-free, green finance

Interest rates from 7.0% / 9.9% comparison rate*

No teaser rates, no deferred interest and no hidden fees mean you
can get a new Smart Energy Answers solution with one fixed monthly payment and no surprises.

Get Solar Finance Fast

Simple online application. You could be conditionally approved in minutes

Pay it off for less

We reward good borrowers with low rates

Simply smarter

No exit fees, no early repayment penalties, and easy online loan management

Flexible options

Finance up to $45,000, 6 months to 7 years

Questions? Call us on 1300 732 679 or email [email protected]

Following the details of our Rate Setter plan to install a Solar Energy system at no upfront cost

Make an enquiry about solar finance today!

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