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What is SolarEdge?

SolarEdge is a 2nd generation solar inverter solution! It works by optimising the energy from the solar panels on your roof. Converting it into AC power via an inverter, into usable energy! Becoming one of the most efficient solar optimisation and monitoring system!

The advantage of SolarEdge is that your solar panels will generate more energy. Saving you more money on your energy bills and make life more sustainable. 

Servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.

 Power Optimisers

Power Optimisers work on the roof, connected to each solar panel. Optimising the production of each panel. An optimised system overcomes the typical issues of a standard solar system. As a result is more flexible and more efficient.
We recommend a SolarEdge system in situations with complex designs and shade issues.

See the diagram below for more details.


The inverter works by transferring data and DC energy into usable AC power. You can monitor this via the app on your computer or phone.
This versatile inverter allows you to track the charge and discharge of energy. Then you can even create your own custom profile to suit how and when you use your stored energy.

See the diagram below for more details.

power optimisers solar edge australia

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

One of the great advantages of SolarEdge is the real-time individual panel monitoring. So you can check the status of each module at any time. Smart Energy Answers will get an alert if any module is underperforming. Hence we can investigate the issue and get it fixed asap! 

The online portal, allows you to view detailed data. Not only, on you how much solar energy you are generating.  But also how much is being used in the home. And how much you are importing and exporting to the grid.

Home Energy Management

SolarEdge inverters are hybrid and battery-ready, plug and play with LG Chem batteries. A SolarEdge system will provide you with an integrated energy management solution. Going beyond the simple equation of solar + battery.

Furthermore, you can control individual appliances in your home from your smartphone. For example, pool and heat pumps, lights, air conditioning, security systems, hot water. 
With the choice to operate and programme remotely.

The Best Warranties

SolarEdge offers amazing warranties.
25 years for Power Optimisers, 12 years for Inverters. 
Additionally they are willing to extend the warranty from to 25 years for an extra cost.

The Benefits of SolarEdge

SolarEdge harnesses energy from the solar panels on your roof. Together with an optimiser and inverter.

Harnessing more energy

Each panel has an individual DC power optimiser, to help prevent power losses.
This protects the system from underperforming.
Eliminating power losses due to shade interference or other factors.

Enhanced Safety

The system sends alerts if leaves or dirt cover the panels. The DC power is then de-energised. Meaning no-one can get electrocuted whilst cleaning. Offering protection for solar system installers and for the safety of your home.

Flexible and neater designs

SolarEdge’s unique design creates flexibility on your roof. Storing optimal energy to create more savings. Panels can be combined to allow expandability of your system in the future if needed.

It has an advanced monitoring system

You can track each module at any time by going on your computer or mobile phone – free of charge.
You can detect any type of interruption or interference on the roof. For example, shading on a particular section, allowing you to fix this as soon as possible.
Monitoring your system allows you to see exactly how much energy is been produced.


SolarEdge Price 

Solutions starting at $4’900.

The NEW HD SolarEdge Inverters!

SolarEdge has designed a new wave of inverters. 
The current inverters are bigger due to more magnetic and cooling components.
Much like how the old TVs used to be before flat screen TVs.
The new inverters, created with less magnetic’s and cooling components.
Make the inverters more compact and efficient.  The new technology uses digital processes to create high definition waves. 
This new generation of HD inverters is making solar energy more viable and long lasting!

Click here to download the brochure.

solaredge hd inverter

Future-proof your Home with an EV Charger!

With a cutting-edge technology. SolarEdge new generation HD inverters are now plug & play with the Solar EV Charger. SolarEdge EV charger allows users to charge their electric car. Up to 6 times faster than the standard charger.

For this reason, the charger is faster. Because the solar boost utilises the grid together with the PV charging.
Therefore, no need to have both an EV charger and a PV inverter.
Saving you money!
Having the 2 integrated also saves valuable space.

Both the HD inverter and EV charger integrate with the SolarEdge monitoring software.

ev charger solaredge



Contact Smart Energy Answers to discuss SolarEdge for your home or business. 
Speak with one of our consultants to find out more.

Available in Australia now.

We service Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.

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