SolarEdge Australia

Once you’ve chosen your premium panels from Smart Energy Answers’ extensive range, it’s now time to pick the right SolarEdge inverter to meet your needs.

Every day we install only the best inverters brands for our customers such as Fronius, SMA and Flex. As part of our premium range, we also recommend the award-winning SolarEdge solution. This is more than just an inverter, this is individual panel optimisation and monitoring!

We service Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

With SolarEdge, you will always be able to see how each panel is working and you will have the greatest confidence in your system knowing that Smart Energy Answers receives an alert if any individual panel is underperforming.
We can then investigate the cause remotely or on-site and take the appropriate action.

By adding an optional Modbus Meter, you can have whole-of-house consumption monitoring as well. The cloud-based portal has detailed charts and graphics showing you how much power you’re solar is generating, how much is being used in the home, and how much you are importing from (and exporting to) the grid.

Once you add a battery, not only do you see the state of charge and discharge on the portal but you can set up a power profile that suits how and when you want to use your stored energy.


Home Energy Management

This is an exciting new development from SolarEdge where you can control individual appliances in your home from your smartphone. Pool pumps, heat pumps, lighting, air conditioning, security systems, electric hot water, all can be operated and programmed remotely.


The Best Warranties

SolarEdge products are proven and built for lasting performance. This is why they can offer amazing warranties, including 25 years for Power Optimisers and 12 years for inverters (extendable to 20 or 25 years for an additional cost).

Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind.

Key benefits of an Optimised system

The SolarEdge Smart Energy Management solution integrates solar energy generation with battery power and home automation through the SolarEdge Hybrid inverter.

The SolarEdge system, thanks to its DC Power Optimisers connected to each panel, provides substantial benefits including higher solar yield, more detailed system monitoring, and advanced safety features. 

More Energy from the Sun.

Each Solar panel has an individual DC Power Optimiser with individual monitoring and unique configuration.

Normally differences in output between panels introduce power losses and can lead to underperformance of the entire system, however SolarEdge, unlike traditional systems, maximize the energy output of each panel, eliminating power losses due to partial shade or other factors. More energy = lower electricity bills.

Enhanced Safety

SolarEdge’s SafeDC feature is designed to reduce the voltage upon grid or inverter shutdown, offering better protection to installers, firefighters, and your home.

Flexible and neater designs

SolarEdge enables optimal use of your rooftop, resulting in a more aesthetic design, for more energy and more savings. Mix and match panel types to easily expand your system later.
Full System Monitoring
Get real-time visibility into the performance of each panel in your solar system. SolarEdge’s monitoring platform is accessible from your computer or mobile, anytime, anywhere and it is free of charge for the system lifetime.

World leading warranties

SolarEdge products are built for outstanding performances, with best in class warranties of 25 years for DC optimizers and 12 years for inverters.



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Available in Australia now.

We service Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.