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Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

The main purpose of a Sonnen Battery is to store excess energy from your solar system.
Allowing you to use this energy later or whenever you need to. Rather than buying electricity from the grid.

Would you like zero cost on your electricity bills? Well, with the right battery design and configuration, you can! Break free from the energy companies with a self-sufficient energy system!

We offer amazing prices on the latest model of Sonnen Battery. Also great rates on the sonnenFlat.
See below for more details.

Servicing – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.

Watch this video to understand why you should switch to solar power!


Install a fully integrated

energy management solution with

Solar Power + Sonnen 

8 Reasons why you should buy a Sonnen Battery

  • The Sonnen Battery stores renewable energy that you can use 24/7.
  • Saving you money on your energy bills.
  • It’s clean, affordable energy.
  • We tailor the battery to suit your energy needs.
  • The battery is scalable for future demands.
  • It’s cost-effective, safe and doesn’t require ongoing maintenance.
  • Sonnen is made of the highest quality and worldwide safety standards.
  • And integrates into any solar system.
sonnen battery

Sonnen Battery Facts

Sonnen is an all in one battery storage solution.
It has the latest technology battery, an embedded inverter and smart energy controller.
The software will determine the best time to charge and discharge energy.

This is a solution that can be retro-fitted to any existing solar panels installation.
It is a “plug and play” which means there is no upgrade required to your existing system.


The warranty lasts for 10,000 cycles or 10 years, whichever comes first.


Click here to download the specifications.

Energy usage guide

sonnen battery guide

Installing a Sonnen Battery in your home

Smart Energy Answers is a certified installer. Make an enquiry below
and one of our friendly team will contact you within 24 hrs for a free consultation.

We will then visit the site to identify the right battery solution for your installation.
After we finalise your quote, our Engineers will design your Sonnen system.
We then submit the required documentation to the energy network on your behalf.
Finally we aim to install your system in within 3-4 weeks from quote acceptance.
With our 7-year whole-of-system warranty – peace of mind guaranteed.


Get Blackout Protection 

With Sonnen Protect you can add backup functionality to your battery. 
The system will be able to capture a grid issue in real time and switch over to battery power.
This ensures a continuous flow of electricity to your house.
As a result, your house will be the only one with its lights on during a blackout.

Sonnen Battery Price Australia

Starting at $11,490 RRP fully installed.

What is SonnenFlat?

SonnenFlat is a revolutionary electricity model, available in Australia since July 2017.
SonnenFlat is the “electricity version” of a pre-paid phone plan with calls and data. Giving you peace of mind on your spend without surprises!

Sonnen battery owners will be eligible for sonnenFlat energy plans. They provide a flat price electricity of $30 a month. You will be able to use electricity at any time day or night, even when the battery is empty!

You can sign up to SonnenFlat and receive access to a set amount of grid energy. The amount determined by the size of your batteries and expected yearly usage. The size of your solar system is also taken into consideration.

How is this possible?

Once you sign up for the SonnenFlat program you will be part of a community. A virtual microgrid, together with other Sonnen owners.  Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and algorithms. Sonnen will use electricity stored to balance the electricity network during peak times.

Providing cleaner energy and helping Australia shift to a distributed generation model. Hence mitigates grid bottlenecks.
Say goodbye to escalating electricity costs and hidden daily charges. Take back control of your energy bills.

SonnenFlat Packages

Terms, Conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

sonnen battery



Contact Smart Energy Answers to discuss Sonnen Battery storage options with
one of our expert consultants.

Available in Australia now.

We service Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.

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