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Think Solar Storage, Think Tesla.

Combining a sleek design aesthetic with incredible functionality and market-leading features, Tesla is the most trusted name in solar storage.

Its high-capacity batteries can be utilised whenever your panels cannot readily convert solar power such as during nighttime, in overcast conditions or during a power blackout.

Tesla’s large-capacity solar batteries will maximise the efficiency of residential and commercial solar systems.

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The Powerwall 2 is efficient and durable. Its modular design allows up to 10 batteries to be connected in a power bank. Integrated liquid cooling allows safe operation in extreme temperatures.


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Combining a fast discharge rate with robust 13.5 kWh storage capacity, the Powerwall 2 can power multiple appliances at once and cover a significant share of household energy demand.



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The Powerwall 2’s slimline design makes for an aesthetically pleasing indoor fixture in the modern household. Water-resistant design suitable for outdoor installs.



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Powerwall 2 enables you to power your main appliances in the event of an outage and in some cases you can protect your entire home for ultimate peace of mind.



It’s Time to Lift Your Solar Game

SAVE MORE MONEY: Your solar panels are an investment, adding a Powerwall 2 lets you capitalise on it. Stop sending excess energy back to the grid, store it for use at any time.

QUICK & EASY INSTALL: The Powerwall 2 comes equipped with a built-in inverter, ensuring a seamless installation process that will comply with new and existing systems.

USER FRIENDLY: Tesla’s products are intuitive and user-friendly. Monitor your system’s energy conversion and consumption on the go with the Tesla App.

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Now's your moment to embrace energy independence with the Tesla Powerwall 2! Our offer is doubling the excitement with an incredible $750 cashback and $750 upfront discount, along with an extended 15-year warranty. Don't wait—lock in these savings before Tesla prices rise. 



Tesla VPP

Ready to join one of Australia’s Largest Virtual Power Plant, purpose-built for Powerwall owners?

Tesla's Virtual Power Plant is a network of homes like yours that supports the grid with clean renewable energy.

What Is A Virtual Power Plant?

In this scenario, a virtual power plant is a network of solar power and battery systems installed at homes and businesses. The systems are coordinated by a central control software system run by the VPP operator that taps into the stored energy of the batteries during periods of peak demand to supply the mains grid.

Tesla’s world-leading technology optimises the use of your Powerwall based on your energy needs, market conditions and anticipated grid events to ensure it benefits your home first, while also supporting the community. In return, you receive competitively low energy rates and monthly Grid Support Credits.

Gain Energy Independence Today and take advantage of $750 upfront discount & $750 cashback, plus an extended 15-year warranty.


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Gain Energy Independence Today and take advantage of a $750 exclusive rebate!

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