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About Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is one of the three largest solar companies in the world. With manufacturing facilities across Canada, China and Vietnam as well as an Australian head office in Victoria. The company has delivered over 33 GW of premium quality solar modules to customers in over 150 countries over the past 18 years. Listed as Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Tier 1 Module Manufacturer (for bankability for Q4 2018) and Top 3 Global Utility-scale Solar PV Project Developer in 2017 by GTM Research.

Canadian Solar KuPower 300W
Canadian Solar KuPower 300W

Key Benefits – Canadian Solar KuPower 300W

Higher Power & Reliability: The KuPower 300W module utilises split cell technology, which means they are half the size of normal cells than standard panels and boasts efficiencies of up to 18.11%. The smaller cells mean less resistance, allowing power to flow better. Thanks to the split cell technology, the dual cell damage impact area is also reduced by 50%, meaning the modules have a lower micro-crack risk than competing panels.

Better Performance in Shade: The latest modules also outperform competing panels when it comes to shaded areas. The modules are designed with Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology, which enables electrons to flow more freely. Shaded areas can have a significant impact on your energy production, by choosing a panel that utilises PERC technology, you are essentially safeguarding your investment.

Extended Warranty: The panels are covered by a 25-year linear power output warranty as well as a 10-year product warranty on materials and workmanship. In addition to this, Smart Energy Answers is excited to offer a 12-year product warranty with a new Canadian Solar KuPower 300W purchase.

About the Canadian Solar KuPower 300W

The Canadian Solar KuPower 300W is developed with the industry-leading poly-PERC cell technology and the innovative LIC (Low Internal Current) technology. The modules are also available in both Polycrystalline and monocrystalline.

Most Canadian Solar panels are certified as corrosion resistant so are suitable for installations across Australia. With its impressive performance, reliability and increased power output – the KuPower 300W offers an excellent solution to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

Canadian Solar KuPower 300W



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