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We have a job to do by 2050
Do your part and be rewarded for your efforts!

The Smart Energy Ambassador Program

As an appreciated member of the SEA family, we are asking for your help to assist the community and humanity.

You have already embraced the green-way and hopefully had a great experience with Smart Energy Answers along the way.

Now, what a great way to help the world by including your family and friends?

We all love spreading the word about a great experience over a bbq or over drinks but what do we do during lockdowns? 

We would like to personally invite you to become an active and committed ambassador to the cause.

If you believe we have the ability to assist in a positive outcome for the future of our children and the environment, we would like you to spread the word about renewables, green solar energy and batteries for energy conservation.

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Should you be rewarded for your hard work in spreading the message??? 


That's why SEA is financing the Smart Energy Ambassador Program.  It's in our Vision and Our Mission!


Why is this such a critical concern for us?

Consider what's happening around the world, reoccurring fires everywhere, floods, sea levels rising, increased air pollution, the list goes on.

So where do we go for answers?

'No blank cheque' on net zero carbon emissions target, Prime Minister says, as global 'code red' issued:

Our Government is also refusing to commit to the 0 emissions by 2050:

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What do you need to do to get started? 

Australian energy is already renewable and we’re on track to hit a target of 50% in the near future. By referring us to your family and friends, you can assist us in achieving our goal, help the environment and claim the rewards below at the same time!

Fill in the form and join the Smart Energy Ambassador Program today!