Top 3 Energy Saving Tips to Slash Your Power Bills

Top 3 Energy Saving Tips to Slash Your Power Bills

Oct 22, 2018 8:19:43 AM

Top 3 Energy Saving Tips for Lower Power Bills in Australia

With the cost of power continuing to rise in Australia, we need all the energy saving tips we can find to help cut down on these bills. If you have noticed that your power bills are getting out of control, it’s time to take a look at your usage and make some serious changes.

The biggest part of most people’s power bills is usually their heating and cooling needs. Next, it’s hot water, then appliances, lights and cooking.
More than 50% to 60% of your bill can be simply due to heating, cooling and hot water usage. So here are three very useful energy saving tips for all Australian homes.

1. Heating

During the winter if you need to turn on the heating, don’t set it too high or it will send your bills skyrocketing! Instead, set it around 18 to 20C, as each degree above 20C uses 10% more energy and will increase your bill by 10%. On really cold winter days, don’t turn the heating up or use a portable heater, instead snuggle under an electric blanket and save yourself up to $280 a year extra on your bills.

2. Cooling

During the summer, don’t set the A/C any higher than 24C, as every degree lower actually increases your bill by 5%. Even better, install some fans in your home and save yourself up to $340 a year by only using the A/C when the temperature is over 30C.

3. Hot water

Whilst it might be difficult to do everything in a 4-minute shower (even though it saves water). Do you think you could manage it if you knew it could save you up to $650 a year?
How about saving an additional $700 a year by changing over to a 3-star rated showerhead?

These are just a few tips to help you save energy in your home.

For more energy-saving tips, call Smart Energy Answers on 1300 732 679 or send us an email.


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