Check out the Sonnen 9.43 on-grid home battery systems

Check out the Sonnen 9.43 on-grid home battery systems

Oct 22, 2018 8:26:55 AM

Introducing Sonnen 9.43: The On-Grid Home Battery System for Aussie Households

New Sonnen 9.43 available in Australia! Exclusive price at Smart Energy Answers.

One of the great features of this new battery system is that it’s compatible with all existing solar inverters. And another is that it’s the only storage system we know that can be used to access the first 9 weeks of the new subsidies in South Australia from mid-October 2018.

This subsidy is definitely worth checking out! Because whilst most people will receive a $500 subsidy per kWh of battery capacity, pensioners will receive $600 per kWh. With prices of battery systems rapidly falling across Australia. It’s the South Australians who will reap the benefits first with these great subsidies.

What does the Sonnen 9.43 offer Aussie households?

Sonnen battery systems are available in 5 different storage capacities. Starting at 5 kWhs and increasing to 15 kWhs in 2.5kWh increments with a 90% usable capacity. Depending on your overnight usage, many households can get away with the smallest capacity of 5 kW hrs. Drawing from the grid on the odd times when you need more power than stored in your system.

If you think that going to the biggest capacity Sonnen 9.43 battery might get you over the line, then that might not work. Because even if you produce a large excess amount of solar energy on a really sunny day. The batteries can only absorb this energy at a set rate, given by the inverter capacity. So to avoid buying a system that is too big for your needs, you need to speak to a specialist solar consultant in your area.

Another great feature of Sonnen batteries is scalability. You can install a large cabinet for your battery system, bigger than the actual battery and then add additional storage capacity as needed. The Sonnen battery system can also be installed indoors or outdoors. And once you see its ultra-sleek design, you won’t want to hide it outdoors!

For more information on the 9th generation Sonnen battery systems, call Smart Energy Answers on 1300 732 679 or send us an email.


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