HT-SAAE Partnership: Empowering Australian Market with Solar Energy

HT-SAAE Partnership: Empowering Australian Market with Solar Energy

Oct 13, 2022 6:00:08 PM
HT-SAAE Partnership: Empowering Australian Market with Solar Energy - featured image

HT-SAAE Partnership: Revolutionising the Australian Market with Solar Energy Solutions

We have an awesome update for you!  We at Smart Energy Answers are proud to be part of the recently signed 150MWp solar module partnership between HT-SAAE and ASC Energy Pty Ltd for the Australian market. This strategic partnership agreement means strengthening product availability and support for solar needs in our country. We are indeed honoured to be part of this distribution network and among the few accredited local partners. 

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This partnership will pave the way for more Australians to go solar and fully energise their homes with renewable energy systems. More product availability and support means that more can take the step towards a greener, better, and more sustainable future for our planet.  With this agreement, the Australian market can be confident that they will have trustworthy local support and maintenance through Smart Energy Answers for their HT-SAAE solar investments. 



Exclusive HT-Smart All-Black 415

Smart Energy Answers & HT-SAAE partnered to bring you a premium solar panel without the premium price. The HT-Smart All-Black 415w is available only at Smart Energy Answers. Unlike regular solar modules, with Half-Cut PERC Technology and Aerospace grade connections, the HT-Smart panel is not only more robust and compact but aesthetically superior with a sleek, all-black look.

This exclusive solar module is built to impress, and built to last. 

  • Module Efficiency: 21.2%
  • 25 Ys Products Warranty
  • 25Ys Warrant on power output
  • Perc Monocrystalline
  • Microcrack resistant. Double glass structure enhances reliability, triple
    EL tested for high-quality control.
  • The entire module is certified to withstand extreme wind(2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa)


About our partner HT-SAAE

HT-SAAE is a world leader in the research and development of solar technologies. In their 60 years in the industry, their solar modules have been utilised for Chinese satellites. Today, they have more than 500 engineers working across four R&D technology centers. 

HT-SAAE started in Australia in 2009 with ASC Energy being the sole domestic point of contact for sales and service in the country. 


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