SEA Visits The Future Energy Show Philippines

SEA Visits The Future Energy Show Philippines

Sep 26, 2022 4:47:33 PM
SEA Visits The Future Energy Show Philippines - featured image

Exploring Renewable Energy Innovations at The Future Energy Show Philippines

Australia is one of the world leaders in renewable energy but we are still
far from real global transformation and as such, it is always valuable to
explore the solar practices of other countries as well.

As a business, it is our goal to always be at the cutting edge of global
innovation to ensure that families and houses all around Australia have
access to the greenest, most sustainable energy options at the cheapest
prices available, anywhere.

So earlier this month (September 7th, 2022), our team flew to Manila,
Philippines to attend The Future Energy Show Philippines 2022 to see
their sustainable energy vision, learn about their market disruptors, new
trends, solar innovations in renewable energy, and meet colleagues in the


Several of the country's officials, developers, and technology leaders have
shared their insights on topics such as Large scale solar, Wind Energy,
Alternative Renewables, and Energy Storage. This concept of Energy
Storage and paying your energy bills as you save is a big thing for us
down under and will be more prominent as more families catch on to this
smart and effective concept.


Among the exhibitors at the event were some of SEA's best Partners: Clenergy, Enphase, and Canadian Solar. The event was also a good venue to network and meet players in the industry, and perhaps a possible future collaboration and partnerships.



Geographically, the Philippines has a good advantage for harvesting solar
energy and it is amazing that the country is also gearing toward
sustainable renewable energy. The future of energy in the Philippines is
really good and promising, and could be a model for other nations to
follow. Nonetheless, we certainly enjoyed our time here and we take
home with us some fabulous new relationships and a whole bag of
innovations and ideas on how to better service our customers back home,
all around our great country.




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