Our New Look and Limited-Time Offer: Get 15% Off on Home Batteries

Our New Look and Limited-Time Offer: Get 15% Off on Home Batteries

Aug 19, 2020 4:30:52 PM
Our New Look and Limited-Time Offer: Get 15% Off on Home Batteries - featured image


Introducing our New Look and Exclusive Offer: Get 15% Off on Home Batteries!

Smart Energy Answers is thrilled to reveal our new look and to highlight the work put into every facet of the rebrand.

The business has been rebranded to convey a more modern style we believe better reflects our identity and the evolution of the business.

“Since launching and seeing our business expand, we decided it was time to update our appearance and demonstrate that we’re a company that fosters innovation,” Daniel Lanzetta, Director - Business Development at Smart Energy Answers.

With the rebrand, the website has also been redesigned to improve the overall user experience. Every section of the website has been carefully redesigned to highlight our quality products and services for the residential and commercial sectors. In addition to this, the website’s new look is accompanied with great resources to help you get started on your solar journey. 

“The rebrand is part of the next phase of growth across the business. We felt that it was the right time to take things to the next level, with a brand that reflects our commitment to empowering homeowners and businesses to gain energy independence,” Lanzetta says.

Limited Time Offer

To celebrate the launch of our rebranding, Smart Energy Answers is excited to announce that we will be offering 15% off for our home battery range for a limited time only. The offer is available from now until promotional stock lasts, one per customer only.

Which solar batteries are eligible?

The Tesla Powerwall is considered one of the best batteries on the market and boast large capacities as well as guaranteed durability for both residential and commercial applications. The promotional price starts at $11,878.

The Sungrow PowCube 4.8 uniquely combines Samsung’s battery cell expertise to produce an innovative package. It’s positioned to be the most economical and flexible battery products on the market – especially for homes installing a new system. The promotional price starts at $3,978.

For more information about this limited-time offer, contact us via email at info@smartenergyanswers.com.au or by phone on 1300 732 679.

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