SEA and Smart Design Studio Teams Up

SEA and Smart Design Studio Teams Up

Sep 17, 2020 3:04:52 PM
SEA and Smart Design Studio Teams Up - featured image

World-class architectural design meets sustainability

SEA and Smart Design Studio: Partnering for Sustainable Design Excellence

Smart Design Studio teams up with Smart Energy Answers to achieve sustainable design excellence with headquarters

Leading solar solutions provider, Smart Energy Answers (SEA) and award-winning architecture and interior design practice, Smart Design Studio (SDS) announced that they are in the last stages of constructing a photovoltaic solar power system for SDS’s new headquarters in Alexandria as part of their aim to be carbon neutral by end of 2020.

“The studio has been an exciting testing ground for new concepts and techniques to push the practice forward,” said Joan Ann Kok at Smart Design Studio. “Our practice along with Architects Declare are committed to going carbon neutral by 2020. Going green means using energy that doesn’t release carbon emissions, reducing our environmental impact and supporting renewable energy development.”

SDS’s goal is to achieve a six Green Star rating with the design. Once finalised, the building located in North Alexandria Conservation Area will accommodate the team in one light-filled space.

To achieve the Green Star rating, SEA and SDS planned and executed the following: 

  • All materials have been carefully selected for their embodied energy, impact on the environment and reuse opportunities.
  • The building will be energy positive with 255 roof-mounted 93.1 kW LG NeON® R solar panels which brings SDS’s total PV capacity to 365 kW.
  • The solar system solution features 82.8 kW SolarEdge inverters and x255 panel power optimisers to further increase the efficiency of the system.
  • To increase SDS’s energy independence, 15 kW sonnenBatterie Eco 9.43 has been integrated into the system.

SDS awarded the project to SEA in April 2019. The partnership was formed to help pave the way to mainstream sustainable design in Australia. The project was completed at the beginning of August 2020. With these cutting-edge elements in place, SDS aims to showcase its sustainable design pedigree and promote environmentally conscious design, not only as a design philosophy but as an aesthetic pursuit also.

“We were excited to partner with Smart Design Studio on this project, and looking forward to the opportunities this project will bring,” said Daniel Lanzetta, Business Development Director at Smart Energy Answers. “They have made exemplary efforts in showing their commitment to environmentally sustainable design. The project highlights our commonality of providing quality services, a meaningful platform to set the standards for companies to switch to cleaner energy and inspire environmental responsibility as well as social change,” Lanzetta said.


About Smart Energy Answers (

Smart Energy Answers is Australia’s leading solar solutions provider based in Sydney. We have a combined 100 years’ experience in the solar PV industry and have completed over 5,000 installations across Australia. Our vision is to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy through the adoption of cutting edge sustainable technologies. We are a CEC Approved Solar Retailer and are proud to have won the 2020 Award for the Solar Retailer Category. 


About Smart Design Studio (

Smart Design Studio, founded in 1997, is a multi-discipline design studio of 40 plus staff offering professional services in architecture and interior architecture and design. Smart Design Studio’s portfolio includes master-planning for urban centres, multi-unit residential developments, private dwellings, retail and commercial developments and fit-outs, as well as product design.


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