Our New Office: Smart Energy Answers Expands

Our New Office: Smart Energy Answers Expands

Mar 16, 2021 11:07:03 AM
Our New Office: Smart Energy Answers Expands - featured image

Smart Energy Answers: Expanding and Partnering for a Brighter Future

The Team at Smart Energy Answers has been growing, and as a result, so has our office!

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SEA is proud to showcase our new head office in Castle Hill, with a bigger warehouse facility to match our client’s needs.

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With the recent expansion, SEA has also experienced some amazing advancements. Here are a few recent changes that we are proud to have achieved.

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Our Branding:

We have completed an entire brand transformation, resulting in a fresh, modern look. Our vision, mission and values will not change, but our look has! The new brand better reflects who we are and our commitment to providing excellent customer experience. 

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In addition to our rebranding, we have also launched a new website. Over the last couple of weeks and months, we have slowly transitioned from our previous look to a brand new one. The new design is easy to use and creates better engagement while clearly reflecting the company’s principles.

Our Partners:

With our progress, we have also had the opportunity to further develop relationships with our Key partners. 

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Smart Energy Answers is thrilled to have been recognised as an LG Authorised Solar Commercial Partner & Authorised Platinum Partner for 2020 and 2021. The partnership provides us with direct purchasing from LG Solar and grants us access to quality solar systems at extremely competitive prices.

We have continued to grow the relationship with Solar Edge, one of the most innovative companies in the industry with their patented individual panel optimisation and monitoring, and unique safety features such as panel-level shutdown. 

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SEA is also thrilled to have been selected as a one of the very few Premium Certified Installers of  TESLA. For years Smart Energy Answers has been providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. In recognition of this, Tesla has appointed SEA as one of the very few Premium Certified Installers.

Our Team:

The driving force behind any business is the teamwork performed by its employees, working together towards a common goal.

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By bringing employees from different backgrounds together we have successfully created an environment where workers continue to take pride in independent accomplishments while also celebrating the contributions of coworkers.

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By working together, sharing experiences, and contributing ideas, the team has had great results for the whole company.

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Give us a call on 1300 732 679 or come say hello at our new office. You can even charge your car!


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