LG Authorised Platinum Partner | 2021 | Smart Energy Answers

LG Authorised Platinum Partner | 2021 | Smart Energy Answers

Feb 12, 2021 5:18:10 PM
LG Authorised Platinum Partner | 2021 | Smart Energy Answers - featured image

Smart Energy Answers: LG Solar Platinum Partner for 2021

Smart Energy Answers is proud to announce that we have been re-appointed as an LG Authorised Solar Platinum Partner for 2021. LG has been working with SEA for several years and in recognition of our excellence in providing high-quality products and service, Smart Energy Answers has achieved the highest category, Platinum Partnership!

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The Platinum Partnership is based on the following criteria: 

  • Our solar training is up to date and future training standards have been met. 
  • Excellent customer feedback on installation quality and customer service. Click HERE to view our reviews.
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience within the market segment.

The partnership provides us with direct purchasing from LG Solar and grants us access to quality solar systems at very competitive prices. Under this category, LG also provides priority stock allocation, training of new technologies and long term priority warranty support exclusively to SEA. 

What are the Key Benefits of using LG as a solar provider?

LG offers market-leading solar panels for businesses and homeowners with high performance, reliability and consistent strong energy output. The solar products are a well known, trusted brand used by SEA to provide innovative, high-quality solar panels for our customers. Going with LG Solar means you get: 

  • The best performing solar panels and a highly efficient NeON 2 range. 
  • 25-year product warranty for the NeON R and NeOn 2 models. 
  • High-quality control standards in the production of solar panels. 
  • Local warranty support with LG Australian partners and retailers. 

At Smart Energy Answers, we continue to strengthen our partnership with LG to deliver the highest quality energy solutions and ensure our customers achieve the highest satisfaction every time. 

To learn more about LG and our other products, contact us at  1300 732 679 or Get Quote Today: https://www.smartenergyanswers.com.au/get-a-quote-today 


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