Smart Community Pilot Program: Revolutionising Energy Solutions

Feb 17, 2021 4:38:16 PM
Smart Community Pilot Program: Revolutionising Energy Solutions - featured image

Introducing the Revolutionary Smart Community Pilot Program


From the 1st of March, Smart Energy Answers will be launching the innovative evolution to Solar, “The Smart Community Program.” AKA SOLAR 2.0

The objective of this program is to help turn individual systems into energy generators and save households costs, while adding extra credit to their power bills. 

Smart Energy Answers does this by helping individuals harness excess power from their homes and create a Virtual Power Plant designed to benefit the entire community. As a result, in times of high demand, your energy provider will be able to access the excess power from the individual batteries and feed that power back into the grid. This effectively means that each individual battery is combined to create one large storage system.

The move to Virtual Power Plants means that the community will benefit from lower costs, locally made power and completely avoid power blackouts. It also means that individuals can stop relying on power companies and the politicians to set the prices for their electricity, instead individuals can become self-reliant while contributing to their community.

For a limited time, members of SEA Smart Community Program will also receive:

  • A subsidised Solar Battery $1,500 Off (Pilot Program only)
  • Access to Virtual Power Plant (VPP), to sell stored energy to the grid up to 45c/kWh
  • System Performance Guarantee and Maintenance
  • Full Energy Monitoring and Smart Control Software to boost returns.
  • Flexible payments with no up-front costs.

Join our Smart Community Pilot Program today and become part of our fast-growing community!

Call us at 1300 732 679 or get a quote here:


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