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LG Solar Authorised Dealer - Smart Energy Answers

Dec 16, 2019 2:41:23 PM
LG Solar Authorised Dealer - Smart Energy Answers - featured image

LG Solar Panels: The Perfect Solution for Efficiency and Savings

Smart Energy Answers is proud to be a part of LG Australia-wide Authorised Solar Dealer Network. While there are several solar installers across Australia, only a small percentage are approved.

As an LG certified installer, our customers can take advantage of the highest standard of products helping you to decrease your energy bills and increase your potential savings. Here we discuss the benefits of LG solar panels.


Advantages of LG Solar Panels

LG Solar, part of the international giant LG Electronics, is a global leader and technology innovator of
high-efficiency solar modules. LG is held in the highest regard by solar industry professionals worldwide.LG_NeON2 350W

The cutting-edge cell technology of their solar panels makes it the perfect solution for those with limited roof space or who are looking to expand their system in the future. Not only is it highly efficient, but it's sleek and polished look provides an elegant appearance – helping you to preserve or increase the value of your home.

LG solar panels undergo several comparison tests and have consistently outperformed other brand panels. Their panels incorporate BiFacial cell technology, which enables light to be captured from the front and back of the cell, allowing for higher energy generation. The panel's incredible performance output means it can gather more power per square foot than other modules on the market. Customers can also benefit from their industry-leading 25 year warranty.

Exciting Visit to LG Factory in South Korea

After a successful and productive factory visit to LG's headquarters in Yeouido Seoul, we wanted to share the journey with you. 

Smart Energy Answers participated in an exclusive trip to LG's headquarters - where we discussed Australia's solar market penetration, future plans and innovations.

The trip included a tour around LG's Gumi Factory, equipped with a 3 MW PV system installed on the roof (over 11,000 panels) to help generate electricity to manufacture the panels. We were particularly intrigued by the LG Science Park, their largest R&D hub combining their research campuses to foster a more collaborative environment. The building is equipped with eco-friendly energy-saving technologies from smart LED lighting and solar panels to energy storage systems. Check out some of the images below to take a peek inside this years' site visit.




We're looking forward to further strengthening our partnership with an innovative and industry-leading company with a dedication to all things quality.

Smart Energy Answers is Australia's leading energy solutions company. We're Australian owned and operated with nearly a decade of experience in the solar energy field. We have completed over 3,000 residential and commercial installations, and bring together the knowledge and professionalism to deliver the highest quality energy solutions. We go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Contact us today on 1300 732 679 to learn more about LG Solar and other high-performance panels.


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