Smart Home Solar Package. Limited offer for PowerPlay!

Smart Home Solar Package. Limited offer for PowerPlay!

Nov 15, 2018 2:46:53 PM

Start Summer with Smart Home Solar Package: More Energy, Lower Bills

Start summer with more energy and lower bills.

Smart Energy Answers is offering an amazing 6.49kW solar power system
for $6,490*.

Including Flex all-black PERC mono panels, Flex inverter, Flex Energy Monitor, PowerPlay and a Google Home Mini.

* Special offer applicable for STCs Zone 3 areas and standard installations no extras.  

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Making solar smarter

With a Smart Home Solar Package you'll be able see how much power you’re generating and using from your system or the grid. As well as being prompted on ways to save. Being energy efficient has never been this effortless before.

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Order your Smart Home Solar Package with

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PowerPlay allows you to...

Track home running costs – view live and historical data on the cost of electricity to your home.

Monitor your home energy usage patterns and solar electricity generation to discover more ways to save. 

Stay in control - receive intelligent alerts and actions straight to your phone.

Ask how your energy system is performing, and your Google Home will give you the answer.

About Smart Energy Answers

With nearly a decade of experience in installing solar pv solutions,
Smart Energy Answers is a leading company in the field of solar pv, solar batteries and smart home technologies.

With an exceptional team of consultants, electricians, designers and installers S.E.A. brings together
the knowledge and professionalism to provide you with the highest quality energy solutions for your individual needs. 

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