SEA's IT & Scheduling Manager: Joe Liberale

SEA's IT & Scheduling Manager: Joe Liberale

Mar 1, 2022 11:14:01 AM
SEA's IT & Scheduling Manager: Joe Liberale - featured image

Joe Liberale is SEA’s in-house IT guru; the one who takes new starters through Hubspot CRM training, sets up work accounts and logins.

He looks after everyone’s IT issues and finds time to run the appointment planning team as well, hence the title, IT and Scheduling Manager. 

Joe has been a key member of the Smart Energy Answers management team since 2018 and has been with the company through many phases. 

He took the time to sit down and offer some insights on dealing with challenges, celebrating achievements and quantifying success.


Celebrating Achievements 

After a challenging, yet rewarding two years of working through the different stages of the coronavirus pandemic, Joe agrees that it’s necessary to celebrate individual, team and company achievements.

“Our biggest asset at Smart Energy Answers is our people, our team,” explains Joe.

“The biggest achievement we’ve celebrated recently as a company was our entire team’s successful transition to remote working conditions while necessary throughout the pandemic. This was really a big deal and it was a smooth transition.”

“Our team members were dealing with lockdowns and all the stress and personal issues related to this, yet our team managed to maintain processes seamlessly throughout this period which was a really significant achievement.”


Facing Challenges

While working through lockdowns presented opportunities for growth and development for staff members and teams, there were certainly some challenges along the way too.

Joe notes that perhaps one of the most noticeable shifts in the industry over the past two years has been a tightening of finances for many families.

“Many individuals and families have had to become more mindful about the way they spend money, about the purchases they make,” says Joe.

“People have placed increased importance on choosing high quality products, on making smart investments in their future.”

Joe mentioned that one of the biggest professional challenges of the past year, from an IT perspective, was implementing new software across the entire company.

“You really get an in-depth insight working on a project like this with each department in the company,” said Joe.

“You have to learn the processes for each department and get an extensive look at how things operate from their perspectives.”


Measuring Success

Joe explains that in order to keep moving forward and achieving company, team and individual goals, it’s necessary to have a means of quantifying professional and personal success.

“A successful company keeps a healthy balance, it provides benefits to employees, who are treated like family.”

Looking to the future, Joe mentions that in order to ensure continued success and motivation, innovation is key.

“The Smart Energy Academy is a really exciting project we’re undertaking in 2022,” he said.

“The Academy is on its second intake of students this year. These are mostly recent graduates fresh out of university."

“The purpose is to share knowledge about working in this industry successfully, and some of the academy’s students have gone on to work at Smart Energy Answers.”

“Real, hands-on experience in this field is incredibly useful, it’s several times more valuable than simply theoretical knowledge alone.” 


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