SEA Announced As Tesla Energy Premium Installer For 2022

SEA Announced As Tesla Energy Premium Installer For 2022

Feb 4, 2022 4:44:40 PM
SEA Announced As Tesla Energy Premium Installer For 2022 - featured image

Smart Energy Answers: Your Premium Installer for Tesla Powerwall in 2022

Smart Energy Answers is proud to announce that once again, the company has been selected to act as a premium installer for Tesla Energy’s range of top-tier renewable energy storage products, including the best-selling Tesla Powerwall batteries, in 2022.

One of the world’s most well known, forward-thinking innovators in the renewable energy sector, Tesla Energy’s flagship product in the private solar storage space is the Powerwall battery.

Powerwall batteries store energy and can detect power outages and automatically kick in to act as your home’s primary energy source if grid power is ever interrupted. Unlike noisy, old school generators, a Powerwall battery will keep all of your home’s essential devices up and running through an emergency without any upkeep, need for fuel or noisy operation.

A Tesla Powerwall battery is an ideal solution for Aussie households looking to take the next step in their renewable energy journey. Matching a Powerwall battery to an existing solar power system allows solar energy to be stored for use at night or whenever the sun isn’t shining.


Ultimate Control

Fitting a Tesla Powerwall offers modern, ultra efficient solutions to smart energy management. Owners can use the handy Tesla app to monitor their home solar power system’s energy production and consumption in real time.

You can customise personal settings and adjust your preferences in order to optimise performance and savings. Users can choose to prioritise energy independence, outage protection or optimal cost savings. 

Handy features including instant alerts and remote access allow users to control home systems from anywhere. 24/7 connection includes handy features such as instant alerts before severe weather events.


Sleek Design

The Powerwall’s minimalist design aesthetic compliments a wide range of modern and more traditional home design styles. The unit’s all-in-one structure is compact and features versatile mounting options for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

A popular feature of the Powerwall battery design is that they’re scalable, for use in larger solar power systems. Up to 10 Powerwall units can be stacked to meet the needs of heavy energy users.

The Powerwall units are as rugged as they are sleek, with excellent weather resistance for use in all climates and conditions. They’re also child and pet-friendly, with no exposed wires or hot vents.



CAPACITY: The Tesla Powerwall has a 13.5kWh energy capacity, 100% depth of discharge + 90% round trip efficiency.

POWER: 7Kwh peak/ 5kWh continuous. Seamless backup transition + pure sine wave output.

SIZE & WEIGHT: 1150mm (L) x 753mm (w) x 147mm (D)/ 114kg weight.

INSTALLATION: Suitable for floor + wall mounting, indoor or outdoor. Up to 10 Powerwall units can be used in the one system. Suitable for operation in -20°C to 50°C conditions. Rated for water and dust resistance to IP67 standard.

CERTIFICATIONS: Meets national/ local safety standards and regulations.

WARRANTY: 10 years. 


Ultimate Tesla Solar Bundle

Smart Energy Answers has the ultimate answer for customers in the market for a sleek, elegant and ultra efficient solar power solution.

Combine a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery with one of our Smart Energy bundles and receive up to $3,500 VPP rebate on your Tesla Powerwall.   Starting at $12,500 (after rebates) fully installed.

Are you ready to take your solar power game to the next level with the most sophisticated storage system on the market? Click below to discover which exclusive SEA Tesla Powerwall package is right for you!




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