The LG Solar Partner Program

The LG Solar Partner Program

Mar 30, 2021 4:06:28 PM
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Join the LG Solar Partner Program for Exceptional Solar Solutions

Being part of the LG Solar Installation Partner Program is a great opportunity to join a network consisting of only the best solar companies. 


LG Solar has a very selective number of installation partners as part of the Australia-wide Authorised Solar Dealer Network. These partners provide free advice about solar, inspect your premises and provide high quality installation services for solar systems and battery solutions.

What does LG look for when choosing a company to join the network?

  • Excellent customer service
  • Longevity in the Industry
  • Commitment to best installation practices
  • Amazing ongoing service which includes warranty claims 

To join this network, a company must combine LG panels with good quality products. The equipment needs to work together, creating a good long-term solution for each customer.

Due to challenges in the industry, there has also been an average of 690 different companies leaving the trade since 2011. The result is a lot of customers left without support.

LG, on the other hand, has been in Australia for over 20 years, and in existence for over 60 years, so the proposition of a $1 billion dollar business in Australia gives a great sense of security and loyalty. That is the difference with the LG partner network.

Smart Energy Answers has been awarded as a Platinum Partner by LG in recognition of the excellent, long-term service we provide to our clients! 

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A quality solar panel needs a quality installation company to provide the optimal design and installation, which ultimately maximises the long-term performance and financial savings for the household. 

As a Platinum Partner, Smart Energy Answers undergoes regular specialist installation and product training. We have a direct line to LG for technical enquiries, warranty and commercial support. 


SEA has also had the privilege of being invited to observe the quality workmanship of each product being manufactured at the LG Head office facilities in South Korea.

Being part of the extensive dealer network also assures our clients that we are there to support them and they can rely on us to handle all aspects of their residential and commercial solar panel installation, including design, installation, rebate information and system maintenance. 


At Smart Energy Answers, we continue to strengthen our partnership with LG to deliver the highest quality energy solutions and ensure our customers achieve the highest satisfaction every time. 

To learn more about LG and our other products, contact us at  1300 732 679 or Get Quote Today


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