Is Investing in Commercial Solar Panels a Worth It?

Is Investing in Commercial Solar Panels a Worth It?

Mar 23, 2021 12:10:37 PM
Is Investing in Commercial Solar Panels a Worth It? - featured image

Solar panels are, without a doubt one of the best investments you can make in 2021. Solar energy is now one of the cheapest forms of electricity in the world, allowing you to get the most affordable energy source for your business at a lower cost.

You can also make your money back with the amount of money you save on your energy bills. This alone should prove just how worthwhile commercial solar panels are. However, Let’s consider a few options around commercial solar panels before any investment Is made.

How Can Commercial Solar Panels Benefit Your Business?

Reduce Your Overall Business Costs:

By having solar panels installed to your business property you can massively reduce how much energy you are using from the grid. Therefore, commercial solar panels can significantly reduce the cost of your business power bills.

Reducing your power bills also means you are left with more disposable income. Commercial solar has an even greater worth to businesses that use a lot of power and are heavily reliant on the grid. Businesses like supermarkets or independent schools usually benefit the most from having solar panels. Any money that gets saved can also be invested back into the business to cover other expenses.

Smart Energy Answers explains the cost cutting opportunities that are available to businesses in our recent project, found out more here:  VN GLass Case Study 

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Solar Increases Your Commercial Property Value

Something that is slowly becoming more relevant is the increase to your property value that Solar creates. Although you may not be installing solar for this reason it’s a very relevant asset to have.

Installing solar not only increases your business value but the “independence” factor in your property will also promote an opportunity to attract more investors and potential buyers. Any potential buyers or investors would prefer to look at a company that is independent from the grid and produces their own power, especially if there are emergency blackouts or problems.

Currently, potential buyers are looking for properties with solar panels already installed. Due to the large number of benefits commercial solar provides, it makes them extremely sought after.

Become Environmentally Friendly

Businesses all around Australia, including many big brands, are making the move to an environmentally friendly future. This has a great impact on local communities and offers a range of different benefits. Promoting your new reputation will also help generate new business and referrals.

When you promote clean business ethics and morals, support from local buyers and sponsors will increase to provide more sales and growth for your business. Commercial solar will result in an eco-friendly status.

By going solar and saving money, you have more money to invest back into your business. Many business owners who have installed solar invest their money back into high-profit areas such as sales or marketing.

Low Maintenance

Commercial solar panels have an exceptionally low maintenance requirement. Due to the nature of their robust design, solar panels are built to last for years. This is shown in the warranties of commercial solar panels offering a minimum product warranty that ranges between 10 to 25 years (dependent on the solar panel brand).

Having a low maintenance product is fantastic because you don’t have to worry about your commercial solar panels once they have been installed. The result is not having to pay any more money than your initial investment. You can rely on your solar panels to create a return on investment and not cost you anything more.

A roof is not always necessary!

Depending on the size of your commercial solar system, you may require extra space for your solar panels. One option that is available would be to look to get your panels mounted on the ground. A great example of this are solar car park structures. The design provides a cost-effective way of incorporating solar PV into an area, while maintaining usable land and providing protection for vehicles seeking covered parking.

This also allows for a more flexible solar system and even bigger savings. With more space you could optimise on a bigger and better system to slash your energy bills even more than predicted.

One of our recent projects explains this further here: Sydney Olympic Park Authority’s. Smart Energy Answers covered the parking spaces with 300 LG NeON® 2 solar panels, we increased SOPA’s total PV capacity to 121.5 kW! 

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The Return on Investment

One of the biggest benefits of installing commercial solar is the return on investment. It is important for business owners to ensure they are making a profit from the decision to get solar.

Fortunately, commercial solar panels can provide you with a huge return on investment. Once you have initially purchased your solar panel, you will begin to see a massive savings on your operational costs and energy bills. 

One of our recent commercial projects highlights the amazing ROI we were able to achieve for a commercial client. Click  Here for more detail. 

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Once you have paid off the cost of your commercial solar panels you will continue to see the savings on your energy bills and operational costs.

The more efficient your solar panel system, the more energy and faster returns you will get. This means that you will then be seeing a return from your commercial solar panels sooner.

After a commercial solar quote? Give one of commercial solar experts a call on: 1300 732 679 or find out more HERE


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