The Smart Energy Academy: The Future Of Renewable Energy

The Smart Energy Academy: The Future Of Renewable Energy

Jan 28, 2022 11:33:54 AM
The Smart Energy Academy: The Future Of Renewable Energy - featured image

The Smart Energy Academy: Empowering the Future of Renewable Energy

The Smart Energy Academy is an intensive training program designed and implemented by Smart Energy Answers as a means of nurturing the the talent of the next generation of renewable energy professionals, while upholding the highest standards in the industry.

The program, currently in its second year, provides a limited number of engineering students and recent graduates with the opportunity to expand their professional knowledge of the renewable energy sector with the option to fast-track a career in one of Australia’s fastest-growing industries.


Setting The Standard

The academy was founded after identification of a significant knowledge gap in the industry, as a result of the fact that many solar sales companies provide employees and contractors with limited training and education and only offer customers a limited selection of pre-defined package deals.

These sales-focused companies do not allow their representatives to offer real solutions to customers outside of their limited range of packages, nor equip their staff with the training required to truly meet customers needs. 

As such, the actual energy needs and requirements of customers are rarely examined or met, leading to sub-par experiences that negatively impact customers’ energy outcomes for years to come. 

There’s a huge demand across Australia for well-trained experts to provide consulting services in order to implement residential renewable energy solutions. 

The Smart Energy Academy has the major goal of educating the next generation of solar professionals to the highest possible standard in order to vastly improve the level of service offered to future customers.


The Next Generation

The second cohort of Smart Energy Academy trainees commenced the rapid learning program in January 2022. 

In order to be selected, prospective trainees displayed an enthusiasm for customer service and sales, excellent communication skills and confidence in their abilities.

Trainees receive a combination of formal and practical training, including actual sales experience. 

Training is provided by renewable energy industry professionals, both in-house and from private, industry-leading companies, with many years of experience working within the sector.


Beyond Education

Each individual that successfully completes the academy’s training program received a Certificate of Completion in the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Solar and Renewables
  • Solar Panels, Inverters and Batteries
  • Household Energy Assessment
  • Installation Site Technical Analysis
  • System Design Tools and Applications
  • Product Benefits and Comparisons
  • Customers Qualification and Consultation
  • SEA Sales Process - Advanced 
  • Post-sale Operations and Installation
  • Post-installation Technical Support

Opportunities have been presented to stand-out participants from each cohort of academy trainees to gain employment at Smart Energy Answers in order to continue their professional development. 

Taimoor, pictured below, was a candidate in the academy’s 2021 student intake, and has since gained full-time employment with Smart Energy Answers as a sales advisor.

SEA and the Smart Energy Academy look forward to perpetuating the highest standards in the sector through future training programs and continuing to identify and nurture the industry’s brightest talent.    


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