Goondee Aged Care Home

  • To offset the huge daily electricity cost for the Goondee Aged CareHome
  • To partner with a solar retailer with quality tradesman and extensive experience in the industry in order to satisfy the strict safety and compliance requirements from Goondee Aged Care Home
  • To implement a sustainable solution able to produce short-term results and secure savings in the decades to come.




13 Jersey Rd, Strathfield 2135, NSW, Australia

The Solution
  • All materials have been carefully selected for their embodied energy, warranties, and long-term performances
  • The nursing home is provided with 192 panels of Astronergy 370W panels with a total PV Capacity of 71.04kW
  • The solar system includes  full energy monitoring that allows the client to check real-time consumption 
  • Lastly, the solar power system includes a 10-year Workmanship Guarantee which also includes a 5-year ‘Whole of System’ warranty for their peace of mind.
About the Installation
  • Total PV Capacity: 71.04kW
  • Panels: 192 x 370W Astronergy Panels ((Semi CHSM60M-HC)
  • Total Inverter Rating: 60 kW
  • Inverter: 2 x SG10KTL-M , 2 x SG20KTL-M
The Results





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