Kellyville, NSW - Total PV capacity 12.6kW


          • Group 298 Solar system design incorporating Tesla Powerwall
          • Group 298 Solution integrating a solar pool heat pump
          • Group 298 Increase energy independence to reduce reliance on electricity retailer


          Kellyville - NSW


          • Panels: x36 LG NeON 2 350W (12.6kW)
          • Batteries: x2 Tesla Powerwalls (27kWh)
          • Inverter: SolarEdge 10kW HD Inverter
          • Pool Heat Pump: 26kW Madimack Elite Silent Series


          • Latest panel technology from LG
          • Pool heat pump designed with efficiency for all year-round
          • SolarEdge inverter due to user-friendly interface
          • Extended warranties on products for peace of mind
          • Blackout protection through Tesla Powerwall

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