What is LG Chem Resu?

LG Chem Resu is a battery storage system for your home. Combined with a solar PV system it stores excess solar energy and releases it when needed, especially at night time or in the event of a storm and blackout.

It allows you to use your solar energy more efficiently to save on electricity bills as well as helping to protect your home and the environment for a sustainable life!

The LG Chem battery with its stylish and compact design is there to make the difference to your home, with one purpose in mind – to help make your life easier.

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lg chem resu 10

LG Chem Resu

LG Chem Resu 10

What is LG Chem battery used for

With LG Chem battery you will maximise the benefits of your solar system and help slash your energy bills. Collect the energy from the sun and store it in your battery when you are not at home and then use it in the evening when you most need it.

The LG Chem RESU can be fully integrated into a smart solar energy solution that includes solar panels, inverter, advanced monitoring and blackout protection. The system can be configured to your home network for monitoring and control and also comes with an app for smartphone users.

This energy storage solution is capable of providing backup power to the home in the event of a blackout and it can also back up one or multiple lighting or power circuits.

Benefits of LG Chem Resu

  • You can store the excess solar power generation and use it when it’s dark.
  • LG Chem batteries can be installed on the floor as well as wall mounted.
  • LG RESU 10 comes with 9.8 kWh of total energy storage.
  • It is economical and safe and doesn’t need any ongoing maintenance.
  • It has an intuitive smartphone app for monitoring and management.
  • The capacity of the system can be expanded by adding another LG RESU battery.
LG Chem Resu

The process for installing an LG Chem Resu Battery in your home

LG Chem

Smart Energy Answers is an LG Certified installer in Sydney.  When you make an enquiry with us, one of friendly sales consultant will make contact with you in within 24 hrs to offer a free consultation.
Furthermore, we can proceed with a site visit to identify a unique solution for installation and resolve any doubt.
Once the quotation is accepted, our Engineers will design your system and submit the required documentation to the Energy Network. We will aim to install your system in within 3-4 weeks from quote acceptance.

With our 7-year whole-of-system warranty – peace of mind is guaranteed.

LG Chem Price – Australia

Our fully integrated smart energy solar systems with LG Chem RESU starts at $15,990

LG Chem battery specifications

  • Technology: Lithium-ion battery
  • Storage: 9.8kWh (RESU 10)
  • Power: 5kW continuous (7kW peak)
  • Warranty: 10-years
  • Scalability and Maintenance Free
  • Dimensions: 744mm x 907mm x 206mm
  • Supported Applications: Solar self-consumption, Time of use load shifting, Blackout protection.
LG Chem Resu
flex solar panels

LG Resu modes of use


  • Store excess solar energy generated during the day and use it when your solar panels are not generating enough for your needs, especially at night time.

Electricity bill tariff optimisation

  • Charge during off-peak times and discharge during peak times when electricity from the grid is more expensive.

Backup Power

  • Provide energy during a black-out to your fridges and lights.


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