LG Chem Battery – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

The LG Chem battery is a complete storage system for your home. Combined with a solar PV system and hybrid inverter, it stores excess energy. Then releases this energy when needed. Especially at night time or in the event of a storm and blackout.

The LG Chem battery helps save money on your electricity bills. Besides making your home and the environment more sustainable! The design is stylish and compact with one purpose in mind. To make your life easier!

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LG Chem Battery Australia

LG Chem Battery Australia

Breaking News for Victorian Home Owners!

The Victorian Government is offering a 50% rebate, of up to $2,225 for all eligible households.

Eligible for homes valued under $3 million.

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LG Chem Resu 10

How does the LG Chem battery work?

The battery absorbs the energy from the sun. Then stores it for later use especially in the evenings when you use it the most.

The LG Chem RESU integrates into a smart solar energy solution. Including solar panels, inverter, advanced monitoring and blackout protection. We configure the system to your home network. It comes with a smartphone app, so you can check your usage.
The energy storage solution is capable of providing backup power to the home in the event of a blackout.

7 Top Benefits of LG Chem Battery

  • Storing excess solar energy to use when required.
  • Charging during off-peak times and discharging during peak times.
  • Saving you money!
  • Makes power available in blackouts and storms.
  • Proven safety for everyone in the family!
  • Doesn’t demand maintenance.
  • Helps the environment for a sustainable future.
  • Is the perfect battery solution to help reduce energy bills.
LG Chem Resu

The process for installing an LG Chem Battery in your home

LG Chem

Smart Energy Answers is an LG Certified installer. 

One of our friendly experts will contact you within 24 hours, for a free consultation. Make an enquiry below. 

The next step requires a site visit, to identify the right solution for you. After finalising your quote, our Engineers will design your system. Then submit the required documentation to the Energy Network.
Finally will aim to install your system in within 3-4 weeks.

We provide a 7-year warranty so you get peace of mind.

LG Chem Battery Price – Australia

 Solutions start from $12,490

LG Chem Resu



Contact Smart Energy Answers to discuss the LG Chem Battery with one of our local experts.

Available in Australia now.

We service Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.

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