Newhope Baptist Church Community Center


● To offset the huge daily electricity cost for the Church Community Center as much as possible

● To partner with a solar retailer with quality tradesman and extensive experience in the industry

● To implement a sustainable solution able to produce short-term results and secure savings in the decades to come


Community center in Blackburn North, Victoria



Why Smart Energy Answers?

●  Leading solar provider in Australia
●  SEA's Core Values aligning with NewHope values
●  CEC Approved Solar Retailer
●  Combined 100 years’ of experience in the solar industry

The Solution

●  All materials have been carefully selected for their embodied energy, warranties, and long term performances
●  The system cable run was quite complex with concealed conduits and long distances.
●  The solar system includes  full energy monitoring that allows the Church to check real time consumption 

The Result

●  Undeniably high-quality solution providing the best technology available and sustainable results
●  Decrease reliance on the electricity grid by 65%

●  Estimated annual savings of nearly $32,000 with a payback of 2.5 years

●  It is expected that the system will provide over $900k of energy reductions over its lifetime of 25years+


About the Installation
  • Canadian Solar Panels with a 12 year product warranty and a total of 99.900 kW Total Solar Power - 270 x 370 Watt Panels and 119,679 kWh

  • 1 x Clenergy 'PV-ezRack' Mounting System with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 1 x Sungrow 110kW of Inverter Power -10 Year Warranty Parts & Labour 

  • 1 x Sungrow Energy Meter



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