Palmerston, ACT - 10.8 KW Smart Solar + 10 kWh Battery


          • Group 298 To offset the huge daily electricity cost for Jim and his family
          • Group 298 To install efficient solar panels despite having partial shade on roof
          • Group 298

            To partner with a solar retailer with quality tradesmen and extensive experience in the industry in order to satisfy the strict safety and compliance requirements for his home

          • Group 298

            To implement a sustainable solution able to produce short-term results and secure savings in the decades to come


          Palmerston, ACT

          Why Smart Energy Answers?

          • Leading solar provider in Australia fully integrated with solar and battery experts, and professional in-house installers
          • Completed over 7,000 residential and commercial installations
          • Combined 100 years of experience in the solar industry
          • SEA's Core Values are aligned to serve the customers and community
          • Certified installers of Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge, and Enphase

          • NETCC Approved Seller, the highest accreditation level in Australia

          • Committed to providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service

          • 2020, 2021, 2022, & 2023  ProductReview Award Winner for the Solar Retailer Category

          • 2022 Sunwiz Top Solar Company Awardee

          The Solution

          1. All materials have been carefully selected for their advanced technology, comprehensive warranties, and long-term performances
          2. The residence is provided with 27 panels of Hyundai 400w smart solar panels with a total PV Capacity of 10.8 kW with 27 SolarEdge Power Optimisers and Home Genesis Single Phase Inverter
          3. The power optimisers and smart solar technology ensured Jim's system remained highly efficient, overcoming partial shade-caused trees in the area
          4. A 10 kWh SolarEdge Home Battery is also installed in the residence for energy storage which the family can use during nighttime,  cloudy days, or blackouts.
          5. The solar system includes  full energy monitoring that allows the client to check real-time consumption  and monitor the system's health
          6. Lastly, the solar power system includes a 10-year Workmanship Guarantee which also includes a 5-year ‘Whole of System’ warranty for their peace of mind.

          About the Installation

          • Total PV Capacity: 10.8 kW
          • Panels: 27 x 400W Hyundai HiE-S400UF
          • Battery: 10 kWh SolarEdge Home Battery
          • Inverter: SolarEdge Home Genesis Single Phase Invereter SE8250H-AUL00BNU4
          • Total Inverter Rating: 8.25 kW
          • Power Optimisers:27 x SolarEdge S440

          The Results


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