Tesla Car Charger | One Hour Free | SEA

Tesla Car Charger | One Hour Free | SEA

Feb 11, 2019 7:47:00 PM

As a leading solar power and battery provider in Australia, we have installed a Tesla Car Charger at our Head Office in Auburn, Sydney.

Get a 1-hour free Tesla car charge

Customers can now relax in our guest area and enjoy a 1-hour free Tesla car charge along with a complimentary coffee. If you are interested, we also provide consultations on how solar and battery storage can benefit your home or business. Including solutions in charging your Electric Vehicle (EV).

Tesla monitoring app showing state of charge and

3-phase fast charge connection at 17kW


At present this is a free service for Tesla owners but we’ll soon have a universal charger compatible with all models of Electric Vehicles.

We can offer this service for free as our charger is powered directly from our new 20kW solar PV system. Using lovely renewable energy from the sun. The system easily powers all our daily business needs. And fully charges our Tesla “Rossa” Model S which our Directors use to attend meetings and appointments around Sydney.

Our 20kW Solar Power system being installed by SEA Team

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Watch and learn while you wait

While waiting for your vehicle to charge, you’ll be able to see our system in action. With live outputs and performance data on the big screen.  The system features premium panels from the world leaders in solar photovoltaics – SunPower, LG and Q-Cells.

These panels are controlled through 3 inverters. Again from the world’s best manufacturers – SolarEdgeFronius and SMA.

The inverters are set up in our guest area enabling side by side visual and performance comparisons. Our customers no longer have to make buying decisions on faith or reputation. You can find out which panels and inverters are the best performers in real time!

The Best inverters in the market: SMA, Fronius and SolarEdge

solar inverters

At Smart Energy Answers, we don’t just talk about energy efficiency like solar sales companies. We’ve invested in renewables for our customers to be able to make the most informed decisions. Getting your EV charged is a bonus!

Make Smart Energy Answers your next destination!  Come and see the experts in solar power!

Get a FREE quote for Solar and Storage Today!

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