Glenhaven, NSW - 10kW Smart Solar + 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall + 22kW Smart Pool Heating


          • Group 298 To offset the huge daily electricity cost for James and his family in their smart modern home
          • Group 298 To install efficient solar panels despite having partial tree shade on their usable roof space
          • Group 298

            To install pool heating for a warm pool all-year-round

          • Group 298

            To partner with a solar retailer with quality tradesmen and extensive experience in the industry in order to satisfy the strict safety and compliance requirements for his home

          • Group 298

            To implement a sustainable solution able to produce short-term results and secure savings in the decades to come


          Glenhaven, NSW

          Why Smart Energy Answers?

          • Leading solar provider in Australia fully integrated with solar and battery experts, and professional in-house installers
          • Completed over 7,000 residential and commercial installations
          • Combined 100 years of experience in the solar industry
          • SEA's Core Values are aligned to serve the customers and community
          • Certified installers of Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge, and Enphase

          • NETCC Approved Seller, the highest accreditation level in Australia

          • Committed to providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service

          • 2020, 2021, 2022, & 2023  ProductReview Award Winner for the Solar Retailer Category

          • 2022 Sunwiz Top Solar Company Awardee

          The Solution

          • All materials have been carefully selected for their advanced technology, comprehensive warranties, and long-term performances
          • The residence is provided with 25 panels of Hyundai 400w smart solar panels with a total PV Capacity of 10 kW and with 25 Enphase IQ7A microinverters
          • The microinverters and smart solar technology ensured James's system remained highly efficient, overcoming partial shade-caused trees in the area
          • A 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall is also installed in the residence for energy storage which the family can use during nighttime,  cloudy days, or blackouts.
          • Madimack Elite Silent is installed for high-efficiency and performance pool heating. 
          • The solar system includes  full energy monitoring that allows the client to check real-time consumption  and monitor the system's health
          • The system is also connected to Amber SmartShift where James can automatically optimise his battery, whether to charge, preserve, or export energy for more credits 
          • Lastly, the solar power system includes a 10-year Workmanship Guarantee which also includes a 5-year ‘Whole of System’ warranty for their peace of mind.

          About the Installation

          • Total PV Capacity: 10kW
          • Panels: 25 x 400W Hyundai HiE-S400UF
          • Battery: 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall 
          • Total Inverter Rating: 8.725 kW
          • Micro Inverter:25 x Enphase IQ7A-72-2-INT
          • Pool Heat Pump : 22 kW Madimack Elite Silent

          The Results


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